Sherry J Marden dressed in her nurse honor guard uniform standing next to the American flag.
Sherry J Marden dressed in her Nurse Honor Guard uniform.

My name is Sherry J Marden and I am a current elected official on the Richfield Township Board of Trustees located in the heart of the 26th district. As a nurse, mother, and military wife, I care about the direction of our country. Right now between the radical left and the rinos in the Republican Party, we are getting nothing accomplished for the hard-working taxpayers.

I am the Pro-Trump, Pro-America First Candidate in this race to restore our values in Lansing.

I believe every person deserves to have a voice in their government. Each of us deserves to have a state senator who understands the issues and how they affect each of us and will act in our best interest.

I am:

  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-Gun
  • Pro-Police

Just like on the township level of your government, I will work everyday to make sure your tax dollars are being spent properly and will not allow the Democrats to push their radical agenda.

Check out my news page to learn more about me, my campaign, and why I am the right candidate for district 26.