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Primary Election Count Down

Until August 2nd, 2022

Sherry J Marden in professional business attire standing in an office with an American flag.

America First Candidate

I am the Pro-Trump, Pro-America First Candidate for senate district 26. When elected to the Michigan Senate I will:

  • Promote Public Safety and FUND our Police
  • Honor our Veterans and First Responders
  • Vote against tax hikes
  • Spend covid money properly
  • Promote our small businesses and economic growth
  • Support our rural farmers and the agricultural community
  • Ban CRT in our schools
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs and fight the greedy pharmaceutical companies
  • Fix our crumbling infrastructure while working to lower gas prices

Learn more about me on my about page.

Sherry J Marden dressed in her nurse honor guard uniform standing next to the American flag.

Nurses Matter

My career was in Nursing and I am still a nurse. I know first hand the struggles that plague our healthcare system especially when it comes to nurses and quality of patient care. When elected to the Michigan Senate, I will:

  • Re-establish pain treatment guidelines for chronic and acute pain
  • Fight for medical freedom
  • Make Michigan a compact state for nurses
  • Establish legislation for safe Nurse/Patient ratios
  • Prevent caps on nurse wages
  • Establish legislation for minimum retirement benefits for nurses
  • Protect nurses from violence by making assault a felony